Commerce API

The Commerce API automatically retrieves data from the settlement companies, and uses this to book card transactions, fees and returns in the customer's financial system. For online shop payments, we use reference numbers obtained from the settlement company to close and open entries in the ledger.

The solution can be described as "set it and forget it". When the integration is set up and ready, everything will take place in the background, and you will not have to spend unnecessary time and resources on manual reconciliation routines.


The Commerce REST API is organized around retrieving settlement transactions from a large number of settlement providers, and booking them to any of our integrated accounting systems.

Our API uses resource-oriented endpoint paths, accepts Json-Encoded request bodies, returns Json-Encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes and verbs.

Settlement Providers

The Commerce API supports connecting to a large number of transaction providers.


Erp connections

The Commerce API supports connecting to a large number of ERP systems.

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