Open Banking API

The Aritma Open Banking API is the most complete platform to access corporate bank data in the Nordics. Our API combines the best from Open Banking with PSD2.


The Aritma Open Banking API is a REST-based API that gives access to corporate bank data in the Nordics for accounting systems and Fintechs. The API gives access to real-time and standardized bank data and a full-range payment solution. The Aritma Open Banking API supports all financial formats and that can produce bank- and country specific payment formats, like ISO 20022 and other proprietary formats. The solution helps businesses reduce the technology gap between legacy systems and new requirements, like the real-time infrastructure with off-the-shelf solutions and no need for customization.

Financial data like payments, receivables, account information and balances across all banks provide the business with a complete overview of financial data. Optimizing the financial workflow for the business, increasing efficiency and decreasing operational risk. The solutions cover new AML requirements for sending pre-approved payments.


Our API uses resource-oriented endpoint paths, accepts Json-Encoded request bodies, returns Json-Encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes and verbs.


  • Covers all Nordic banks
  • Payments, receivables, account information, balances
  • Approving payments outside the bank (“Regnskapsgodkjente betalinger”)
  • PSD2 functionality such as live balance and historical transactions from the bank statements.
  • Functionality that PSD2 does not cover: credit note, receivables with specifications and access to all account types
  • The solution follows new SEPA-demands and aligned with the new Nordic Payment infrastructure P27.
  • Webhooks – to notify changes to accounts and provide more effective API management
  • One ISO20022 based standard – independent of bank