Step 1

Retrieve your PayPal credentials ClientId and Secret.

  • Login to PayPal Developer Dashboard and go to My Apps & Credentials and choose sandbox or live.
  • Under the REST API apps header click Create App, and give the app a name (e.g. Aritma Commerce). Once it's created, click on the app name to open its settings.
  • Once inside an application you can retrieve the ClientId and Secret from the API Credentials header.
  • To allow Aritma to use your API Credentials to get transactions from the Paypal API check the box Transaction Search under the header App Settings then click save. Everything else should be disabled.

Step 2

Create a new Settlement Connection for PayPal

In this step, we're creating a new settlement connection with the ClientId and Secret you got from your PayPal Dashboard.

Test Connection


  • A settlement company id.
  • A settlement connection id.

GET Transactions for your Settlement Connection


It may take up to 10 minutes for transactions to become available after a settlement connection for PayPal is created.