Create Erp Connection for Sparebank1 Accounting


  • A Aritma resource group id.
  • A Sparebank1 Accounting account.

Step 1

Create a new ERP connection to Sparebank1 Accounting

In this step, we're will create a new ERP connection to Sparebank1 Accounting.

  • Authorize yourself under Security.
  • In the body replace the resourceGroupId with the resourceGroupId provided to you by Aritma.
  • Replace the value of email with your email. The email will become the name of the ERP connection, and you will receive an email to this address with a link used in the next step.
  • The callbackURI is the landing page the user is sent after onboarding is complete.
  • Press Send.

Step 2

Login with your Sparebank1 Accounting account

From Step 1 you should have received an email from with a link promoting a login to your Sparebank1 Accounting account.
  • When logged in you are asked to grant access for Aritma to handle data in Sparebank1 Accounting on your behalf.

Aritma needs access to the following scopes.

  • Next, you have to choose which companies you want to give access. If you want to grant access to one company click activate on that company. If you want to give access to more than one company check the companies you want and click activate at the top of the table.
  • After activation, you are redirected to the Uri provided as a callback URI in Step 1.

Test ERP connection

In this section, we will use the newly created ERP connection to get a list of clients connected to the ERP connection.

If you still have the erpconnectionId of the new ERP connection, you can jump to Step 2.

Step 1

Get a list of ERP connection under a Resource Group

In this step we will use the resourceGroupId we used when creating a new ERP connection, to get a list of all ERP connection that has that resource group as a parent.
  • Authorize yourself under Security.
  • Under Parameters enter your resourceGroupId.
  • Press Send.

The response will be a list of all the ERP connections to that the resource group has access.


Step 2

Get all clients connected to an ERP connection

In this step, we will use an id from an ERP connection from Step 1 to receive a list of all the clients connected to that ERP connection.
  • Authorize yourself under Security.
  • Under Parameters enter an erpConnectionId.
  • Press Send.

The response will be a list of clients that are connected to the given ERP connection. A client in this context is a one-to-one mapping to a company in Sparebank1 Accounting.

NOTE: If you have a company in Sparebank1 Accounting named Test Company this company will be represented as a client with the name Test Company